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Rodolfo Lipizer


(Gorizia 16.1.1895 - 8.6.1974)

Italian violinist, professor of music, composer, orchestra conductor. His family was from Gorizia and had ancient music traditions: his father was a good clarinet-player, his maternal grand-father, Antonio Pelizon, was a famous violinmaker, who followed the technique of Amati's school. Rodolfo Lipizer graduated from the Conservatory "G. Verdi" in Milan, and went on to study at Vienna Musical Academy of State with M° Gottfried Feist, obtaining the best marks. At Vienna Academy he also studied composition with Prof. Mandyczewski and Marx as well as orchestra conducting with Prof. Franz Schalk; at the same time he attended the Faculty of Philosophy at Vienna University with the musicologist, historian and philosopher Guido Adler, friend of Mahler, one of the founders of the great Austrian musicology of historicistic kind. He started his violin career at a very young age as soloist and with chamber music formations. In 1927 he won the competition to become permanent conductor of Abbazia Symphony Orchestra. Between 1930 and 1961 he was the Director of the School of Music in Gorizia and the founder of Gorizia Symphony Orchestra which he conducted with the cooperation of famous soloists of the time as Pina Carmirelli, Gioconda De Vito, Carlo Vidusso, Aldo Priano, Jan Kubelik, Marcel Tyberg, Ornella Orlandini, Alessandro Costantinides, Giannino Carpi, Silvano Massoni and many others. For thirteen years (until he died) he was the President of the "C.A. Seghizzi" International Choir Singing Competition as well as of other competitions. He was also the trustee of the National Music Trust and of the Academy of present-day Music. He devoted himself particularly to teaching and didactics, trying to find out helpful and more modern solutions to the various technical problems of violin music. He was able to add to his artistic training deriving from the Italian-Viennese schools, his own creative nature experience. Thanks to all that he was able to compose main violin works, even grater than those of the school leaders O. Ševčík and C. Flesch. (A. von Horn, Violinpädagogik en Utopia, Würzburg 1974, pag. 31).

Compositions: The higher technique of the violin (Ed. Ricordi ER 2602)The art and the technique of vibrato on the violin and violaThe vibrato technique on double stopsStudies on the basic violin techniquesVarious technical studies: thirds, fourths, sixths, octaves and changes of positionRevision of the J.S. Bach Sonatas and Partitas for unaccompanied violinVarious compositions: Lyrical intermezzos on verses H. Heine (transl. E. Pocar) Orchestral commentary for the representation of "Agamemnon" by Aeschilus M. Button - R. Lipizer - Ave Maria for soprano, chorus and organ R. Schumann - R. Lipizer Evening song for Strings A. Lasciac - R. Lipizer, Madone di Mont Sant for chorus and organ Villotas friulianMattinata for male chorus and orchestra Orchestration of compositions by various authors: N. Porpora-Corti, E. Escher, F.J. Gossec, C.A. Seghizzi, V. Veneziani and more.

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